Providing education, support
and resources to our
community to help more cats
live full and cherished lives
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Moxie was a 4 week old kitten with a life threatening condition which required immediate surgery. Your donations to our special needs fund helped get her the lifesaving surgery she needed.

We are motivated by the belief that all cats deserve to live a full and cherished life.

We also believe that we can save cat lives and make people lives better.

In addition to rescuing hundreds of cats a year and finding them loving homes, we have developed programs to:

1. Reduce the tragedy of unwanted litters

2. Help people who find cats or have cats for whom they need to find new homes do so responsibly

3. Provide tools and resources to help the community save lives

4. Keep people and their cats together with emergency medical or food assistance, resources permitting

5. Save cats with special medical needs