The Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society
Every day, rescuers across the US get emails like the one below, desperate pleas to save animals in shelters for whom the clock is ticking. This is Nehemiah's Story.

'This darling
and extra friendly kitty needs rescue now.. only 9 weeks old.. Ready to go  home for the holidays.. He is so playful.. and will put his paws through the cage at you wanting to get your attention.. The shelter is full and we have been put on alert that his time is up any day, sooner rather than later... Please let this little guy have a full life.. he is too young to die..'

His mother already euthanized at the shelter, Nehemiah along with siblings Noelle and Nathaniel became favorites of the staff who begged for more time.  These kittens were rescued from the shelter the day before they were to be killed and given a chance at life in a loving home.  Many more die for the crime of being unwanted.  PLEASE - spay/neuter your animals and always make adoption your option.

Phyllis's Spay Neuter Fund

Helen Sanders CatPAWS is pleased to announce the creation of Phyllis's Spay/Neuter Fund, made possible by the generosity of one of CatPAWS' friends and supporters in honor of his beloved sister.

Help stop the tragedy of cat overpopulation and unwanted litters!

This fund was established in October 2010 to support CatPAWS' mission of providing Trap/Neuter/Release (TNR) for feral cat management and to reduce overall cat overpopulation.

At this time, we have available a limited supply of spay/neuter vouchers valued at $50 each in the greater Long Beach/north Orange County area.

To request a voucher from Phyllis's Spay/Neuter fund, please email:


You will need to provide the following information:

Cat's Name

Your Name

Home Address

City/State/Zip Code

Telephone number


Once you receive your voucher via email, submit it for spay/neuter of one cat to:

Los Alamitos Animal Hospital

4102 Katella Avenue

Los Alamitos, Ca



Vouchers will be good only at Los Alamitos Animal Hospital in Los Alamitos, CA.  When you make your appointment, please be sure to inform  Los Alamitos Animal Hospital that you will be using a voucher supplied by The Helen Sanders CatPAWS.   Please reference your last name and issue date. Voucher is valid for 30 days after the date of issue.


NOTE:  This voucher from CatPAWS is limited to $50 toward a spay/neuter, which includes pain medication for a female cat.  Cost for other services or products are the responsibility of the owner/caregiver.  However, Los Alamitos Animal Hospital is offering a 50% discount to the bearer of a CatPAWS voucher for vaccinations and other medical needs rendered at time of spay/neuter.

The tragic consequences of pet overpopulation can be prevented - there is a solution.  Thank you for being part of 'The Fix'!